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Arcadia Group is a brand consultancy built on years of experience building, managing and growing healthy brands. We specialize in inspired solutions for brand expansion and growth through exploration and creative application. We have a rich background in all aspects of brand stewardship—branding, sourcing, package creation, creative development and marketing.

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Bob Guest

Bob Guest is the founder of Arcadia Group and has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare field.
Bob spent the first fifteen years of his career with Wyeth Consumer, ultimately leading the OTC consumer products division, which had $1.7 billion in annual revenue.
Bob has since been involved in the development and launch of an array of OTC brands, primarily in the cardiovascular care, respiratory and diabetes areas. He helped TheraSense launch their FreeStyle blood glucose meter, and has been the primary architect of Walmart’s ReliOn® brand of value-based healthcare product since initial conception.
Bob has a BA in Marketing from the University of Florida and lives in Atlanta.

Photo of Ansley Dalbo

Ansley Dalbo

Ansley Dalbo is a founding member of Arcadia Group, and has over 15 years of experience in the healthcare field, working in both the prescription and OTC markets.
Ansley spent three years as a consultant with the healthcare strategy division of Braun Consulting. At Braun, she worked with large pharmaceutical companies on product launches and portfolio strategies in the arthritis/pain, psychiatry and women’s healthcare therapeutic areas.
She joined Bob in 2002 and has worked to manage Walmart’s ReliOn® brand ever since. In addition to providing business development and marketing direction for ReliOn®, Ansley has worked with Walmart Pharmacy on general strategic initiatives and served several diabetes companies in a consulting capacity.
Ansley graduated from Harvard University with a degree in English. She lives in Atlanta.