Case Studies

Arcadia Group Case Studies

We have a strong history of building unique and sustainable brands in the consumer packaged goods marketplace. Our successful endeavors to date have focused on the complex world of medical devices, particularly in the diabetes and cardiovascular health areas. We specialize in the multi-faceted marketing campaigns that these products require, supporting messaging to consumers and healthcare professionals, as well as third-party payors.

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Photo of ReliOn


We conceived and created a healthcare brand for Walmart Pharmacy, overseeing all brand and product development efforts. Today, the ReliOn® brand encompasses fifteen manufacturers and over thirty products, making it the world’s broadest diabetes brand.

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In 1997, we identified disruptive technology in the blood glucose monitoring market space. We developed the brand mark, corporate identity and product positioning, and then successfully launched the product to the mass market, resulting in an eventual acquisition by Abbott for $1.2 billion.

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Can-Am Care

In 2002, we acquired Can-Am Care Corporation from J&J and developed a 30-person company infrastructure to support ongoing operations. After a comprehensive review and refreshment of offerings, Can-Am emerged as the premiere supplier of diabetes accessories in the retail marketspace. Can-Am was acquired by the Perrigo Company in 2012.